The Launch Facility

LOCATION: (12:21) DEEP PLAYA (6590')

Friday, September 1st, 2017 @ 21:00

Visit Post Nuclear Family for orientation: 4:45 and Hallowed

The Launch Facility

Concept art by AD Hamilton

This space station is designed to send volunteer adventurers into deepest space. Stop by Post Nuclear Family at 4:45 and H to pick up your blank Mission Log and receive orientation to operate your very own starship.

FRIDAY NIGHT LAUNCH EVENT: 9PM (weather permitting)

Volunteer adventurers will fly away from the Earth's gravity to explore other galaxies! Live performances followed by all starships heading out to the universe. All Earthlings are welcome!

You could be a pilot, inquire within!

=Career Opportunities at the Launch Facility=

We're looking for:

  • RECRUITERS to find adventurers throughout the week
  • CLEAN UP CREW for the site on Saturday afternoon at 11AM (we will clean up at least double the MOOP we generate)
  • ADVENTURERS to explore the unknown
  • Stop by Post Nuclear Family at 4:45 and Hallowed to join the team!

    your starship is waiting for liftoff

    /plan your trip accordingly/

    Contact Starship Operations with any questions.